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Case Study

Joico Magazine

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Company Magazine - Joico

The Company

Joico is an international hair brand with a strong presence across Europe. They produce a bi-annual magazine aimed at both clients and staff for the European market. The magazine is published in both English and German.

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The Brief

Joico wanted their magazine to connect with both clients and staff, presenting a fun, fashionable image to match their brand. In addition, as many of the readers are not native English speakers, the language needed to be simple and straightforward.

What I Did

I worked closely with the brand manager to create features that promoted product, without reading like an obvious sell. As Editor, I managed all design and image selection to give a fresh, original feel to the layouts. I also worked with translators to create a separate German edition.

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The Results

The magazine enjoyed great success across Europe and achieved its aim of reaching a wide audience of both hairdressers and salon visitors. It was viewed as a vital part of the company's communications strategy.

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