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Case Study

Property Magazine

Property magazine: Projects
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The Company

Garton Jones is an independent Estate Agency with a portfolio of luxury residential property across Central London. They have a high-end profile and an equally high-end client list.

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The Brief

The Managing Director had a vision of a very different type of property magazine. He wanted to include some of the luxurious properties in his portfolio. But he also wanted a beautiful, showpiece magazine that would speak directly to his clientele.

What I Did

As Managing Editor of this project, I managed the content, design and production. The tone of voice was intelligent and sophisticated, to match the readership. Image and design choices were an eclectic mix of classic, edgy and thought-provoking.

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The Results

The magazine was produced to extremely high standards, printed on quality paper for a luxurious finish. It surpassed its aim of achieving coffee-table status.

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