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Product Branding

Phil Smith

Product branding: Projects
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The Company

Phil Smith is a celebrity hairdresser with his own range of haircare products sold in Sainsbury's. He wanted to stamp a strong, fun brand image on his new range, to gain maximum standout on the supermarket shelves.

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The Brief

Phil required a full branding package from product names to product descriptions and back of pack copy. He was also looking for a strapline to work across the entire range. The tone of voice needed to pack a powerful punch, matching the colourful, impactful packaging.

What I Did

I created a tone of voice for the brand that carried across all elements. This was a strong, feminine voice that was straight-talking and no nonsense. The strapline, 'Feel gorgeous and you'll look gorgeous' suggests that beauty is more than skin deep.

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The Results

The Phil Smith range is enjoying strong sales and has achieved its aim of standing out from the competitors. Phil has since added new products to his range and a variety of successful brand extensions.

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