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I offer the full range of copywriting services.
If your project isn't specifically mentioned, just ask.

Services : Services

Web Content

Web-Optimised Copy

I provide high quality content for websites, intranets, social media and everything in between. Does your website need tweaking to gain maximum traction? Do you have an idea for a intranet that you need to get off the ground? I can pick up a project at any point, from initial concept to final proofing. 

All content I produce for online projects is fully optimised for the web environment. SEO keywords are built into all web copy, without compromising the quality or content. 

Print Content

Making Print Work for You

Sometimes you need to get those words down in black and white. With years of print publishing experience behind me, I produce content for magazines, brochures and marketing materials that really hits the mark. 

Are you looking for a feature writer to pep up your magazine? Or maybe you need an expert to plan your brochure from start to finish? Having edited numerous magazines across all genres, I can ensure your project generates results. 

Branding and Tone of Voice

Powerful Branding Strategies

I can create full branding strategies that encompass brand names, straplines, product descriptions, back of pack copy, brand guidelines and tone of voice. Equally, you can ask me just to focus on any one of these elements. 

Identifying the right tone of voice for your brand is crucial. You need to connect with your audience, yet remain true to your core values. I can help you implement a consistent, authentic voice across all your communications. 

Consultancy Services

A Tailored Approach

Draw on my business knowledge to breathe new life into your communications. Some specialist areas...

  • Internal communications: Inform and motive your staff with an engaging internal comms programme. 

  • Social media: Make sure you're not missing out on the power of social media.

  • Start-ups: Brand up your business and then propel it into action with a comms strategy. 

Stage Mist


Frequently Asked Questions

Services : FAQ

How do you charge?

I'll give you a fixed cost for your project, which will be agreed in advance of any work commencing. This will be an all-inclusive fee covering: consultation, research, planning, writing, proofing, submission of a first draft, revisions and the final version. 

Large projects are charged by the day. For shorter projects, I charge by the hour.

How long will it take?

It will depend on the size of the project, how much information you can supply, whether you have all the information to hand, and what your deadline is.

I will usually turn around shorter projects within 72 hours. Complex projects requiring in-depth research will take longer. We will agree on a deadline in the consultation stage.

What do you need from me?

The more information you can give me at the start, the better the final result will be. I invest a lot of time at the briefing stage, finding out exactly who you are and what you need.

In advance of starting work, I will ask you to complete my in-depth copywriting brief. These answers will give me the ammunition to deliver precisely what you're looking for.

What about confidentiality?

Considering my specialism in internal communications, much of what I do is highly confidential. I take this responsibility very seriously and always put my clients’ interests first. I am happy to sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements as required.

In addition, you will own all rights for the copy. As soon as full payment has been received, the copyright reverts to you and remains with you.

Do you provide free samples?

The simple answer is no. There is little point in throwing together some content without a proper brief. Without a full briefing process, it is very unlikely that any sample copy will be close enough to the mark to impress.

Any good copywriter will want to spend time to research, structure, draft, edit and proofread their work. This level of care and attention just isn’t possible to provide as a free service.

What's your process?

Get in touch and tell me about your project. I’ll put together a quote. If you’re happy with this, I’ll need to get to grips with you, your service or product, your message and your customers. 

Next, I’ll draft some initial content to send over. I’ll liaise with you to get your feedback and incorporate this into the second draft. You can then make your revisions for the final version. Once you’re satisfied, I’ll ask you to confirm your approval. Then I’ll send off my invoice.

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