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Advantage Worldwide

Online newsletter: Projects
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The Company

Advantage Worldwide is a UK-based logistics and supply chain company. The business currently has four offices across the UK and a diverse network of customers.

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The Brief

The Managing Director was keen to find a way to share the company successes on a regular basis. He felt email newsletters were too limited in scope. Instead, we decided on a online newsletter, which could be shared across social media.

What I Did

I created a bi-monthly newsletter covering all the latest news, events and company announcements. With an audience of both customers and staff, the tone of voice needed to be accessible yet professional. Interactive elements such as videos, photo libraries and web links added to the appeal.

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The Results

The Advantage newsletter is now on issue 27 and is still going strong. It has proved to be a popular communication tool, whipping up interest on social media. It is a proven source of sales enquiries.

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